Matured Couple

As I stood at the mouth of the overly crowded BART,
a lovely matured couple entered the train.
After about a seven minute ride,
they prepared to depart.
When the train came to a complete stop,
the mouth of the train opened up wide.
His graceful hand never neglected her back,
as he protected her from any discomfort.
His strong, frail hand slowly made its way to hers
as they said Goodbye.
She slowly walked away,
when suddenly she turned and softly murmured,
“I love you sweet-pom, there’s a reason why I fell in love with you.”
He replied with with the warmest of smiles one can produce,
leaned over and kissed her.
Their lined and frail hands touched one last time
as they silently exchanged their affection in this
beautiful transaction of love.

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