Amsterdam Dad

His countenance called me with a strange urgency; almost with the same urgency his legs pedaled that bike forward with one goal in mind: don’t stop. Perhaps, he was in a rush to drop off his son at daycare, just before his afternoon meeting. Maybe, he just really needed to pee.

Hoping for a hint of who he is and where he might be going, I snapped this picture on Thursday May 28, 2015 at exactly 2:47pm in Amsterdam. Unable to find answers, this is what my imagination has conjured up bout this man, based on his guise: 

Name: Alfons Statting
Ethnicity: (Proud) Dutch
Religion: Stroopwafels basically confirmed God’s existence for him.
Occupation: Food stylist
Marital status: Independently owned and operated, but married to Blanche.
Children: One; also the same one that inspired Alfons’ vasectomy.
Loves: Moistening his finger and flipping the page.
Hates: Bike tours.
Fears: Disappointment. Alfons has a deep fear of being disappointed of himself and letting others down. As a result, he keeps a tight schedule as to control all elements of his day in order to control all components of his life.

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